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We serve the needs of contractors who supply all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces with a wide range of engineered and custom development fabrics to meet specific requirements within woven and knit fabrics. Brand & Oppenheimer Company.,Inc. certifies that all fabrics are produced in the USA and are Berry Amendment Compliant.


B&O develops and manufactures a broad assortment of highly technical fabrics that meet performance, durability and mission specific requirements. We specialize in lighter weight solutions and offer composites and laminated textile fabrics, for many applications.


We have a professional sales staff that assists in designing and manufacturing unique fabrics to meet the highest demands for a variety of commercial textile applications. We offer innovative manufacturing resources for fabric designs or custom engineered solutions based on the customer's requirements. Whether ready for sewing or prepared for additional processing, we can meet the challenge and deliver a quality solution.


Our Apparel fabrics include Activewear, Safety Apparel and Outerwear. We also have the capability to run prints and add fabric enhancements such as DWR, UV Inhibitors and Moisture management finishes. We offer wovens, knits and stretch fabrics to complement a wide assortment of manufacturing solutions.


Whether it's fabrics needed for textile lamination, coating or any other industrial application, we can create a solution for the customer by utilizing our strategic manufacturing resources to develop a workable solution for your end use. We offer a streamlined approach towards fabric development and we make the commitment to provide a quality solution.


We offer a broad range of innovative fabric solutions for all specialty applications. This includes woven and knit constructions in a wide variety of weights, widths and fiber content. B&O is committed to excellence in service and quality.

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